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Friday, December 26, 2008

A wonderful nightmare?

a wonderful nightmare?

i gotta be kidding . nahhh!

i don't know why , but recently , i kept getting nightmares . it's not just an ordinary nightmare , i dream about myself and being in the hand of death . well, just nearly died . i have this kind of dream for 3 times already . i never had these things , never , never , for heaven sake . i could barely breath every time i woke up . and i don't know why! waaa~ what does these signs of? a good one or a bad one? for sure it's scary..

aku mimpi aku nak mati ; ape petanda weyh?


  1. amin (:

    ehh , lepas amek result .
    dah xde da .
    maybe btul itu petunjuk dari Allah .