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Monday, March 16, 2009

basket :)

Berdasarkan gambar rajah berikut , apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan 'Basket' ?

A . Basketcase

B . Basketbakul

C . Basketball

teng tereng terenggg . ngahaha

yeahh , if u get it right , then you're awesome ! (ni soalan trial SPM english paper 1 1993)
ngeh3 :D

lets get to the topic , what's with basket ?
huhu , getting into new school means new sport for me ! heaven yeahh , i'm crazy about sports . i entered 100m P1 on my school's sports day and Alhamdulillah , i managed to finish 2nd , (kembang hidung , HAHA) lols . yeahh , i'm not that good in sprint'ing' but boleh laa sikit2. :DD as i said in my post before , i entered the school's basketball team , i'm kinda new to it , *dribble bola pun cam tah pape . HAHA actually , sejarah di sebalik tabir why i wanna play this game was because i wanna be like my sister , she's a great basketballer . i was first interested in joining archery , but then i knew the basketball and archery practise was at the same time , i got dilema for a while , but finally i choosed to be a basketballer . huhu .

we have practise everyday , it was really tiring , but it was more worth than going to prep , gahaha . sengal . *masuk semata2 malas nak pergi prep petang . ;p .. okok let's continue , it was this one time i want to share about ,

on one fine morning , there's this climate , the blue sky , the fresh air , the breezing air , suddenly turned into a hurricane . (ayat merapu gila , hancur ENGLISH) whoahh ! gila .. menipu ah ! haha . the date was on .. sebelum ahad hari apa ek ? umm . sabtu ! sabtu berapa hari bulan , adehh . lupa lak .. ingat ingat .. (tergendala jap , bpk gelabah . HAHA) dah ingat dah . 7th of March . i had my economy class on that day . when i get back to the hostel , i was informed that our team coach ; kak dba & kak izzarah was here already , ready to coach us ! i was kinda excited on first , then we had our first practise inside the gym , at 4 p.m , somekinda around that time , until 6 , i learned many new stuffs , how to dribble , how to lay up , how to shot , how to bent , defend and ... i don't really remember the others . but it was cool ! til it finishes.... we were scolded and nagged for this and that . only k.dba's voice can be heard inside the gym , LOUD and CLEAR ! . :( *dengar je la . saya pelajar baru belajar kak .

hehe , after the practise , fuhh , betapa dunia ni aku yang punya . such a relief ! huhu . then we were reminded , we also had night practise inside the gym .
another one ?! ahh , pergi je lah , bukannya penat sangat pun sekarang.
times travel faster than the lightning , fuhh . hostel's activities were really packed , when the moment came by , i heard a lot of sighs from my friends , aduhh malasnye nk pergi , ishh kalau tak pergi boleh tak? , waaaa~ nak rehat . penat ! and whawawawaaaaaaaaaaaatsoever excuses . huhuhu , whether we want it or not , we still have to go .

bla bla blaa... and time passes on . the next day arrived ....

at 8 a.m. , the practise begin . no breakfast for us . we had fitness till 10 a.m. , 20 rounds in the court , suicide style running , sprinting and basketball practise . and we weren't allowed to sit down and stand under the shade , panas terik ! . and we have to continue again at 10.30 . 30 minutes of break? lama gila weyhh , takleh sekejapkan lagi ke? LOL . hrmm , then we finished around 12.30 . and were required to come back at 2.30 .. penat penat penat .. 2.30 til 6.30 and then 8 p.m. til 11++ , nasib baik esok takde practise . huhu , two days of practise is like living in ..... IDK , but it feels like dying , huhu .



  1. Gosh, i love it! i love torturing people, haha, it's not just that. sorry for ruining your day but it's for ur own sake, still, it's not enough time for all of u to trained, so, good luck for the next year games ( if u have intend to practice hardly and start it from now). a month of practicing doesn't promise u a victory. so don't pretend to be sad if u r losing it. u have time, and use it wisely. so, wake up your team. it's all about the passionate in each one of u. rather act, or don't. think about it. u all gonna be success even without coaches.

  2. akak ! dah lama tak main ni , rindu plak ....