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Sunday, May 31, 2009

my hands were cold .

huu ~
I was touched , and so was my friend ..
it feels great to make someone happy ..
secara jujur . terharu . ada something yang membuatkan aku tersenyum ..

what did i do ?
ok.. here's what i did .
I practiced myself playing my keyboard a really sweet song .. ^_^
so , I decided to give it a hear to someone who always cheers me up and he deserves it..
and so I did .. I was very very very nervous to present it . maklumlah , untuk orang terhormat lah kata kan . hehe . have to make it perfect .
jarang lah bagi orang dengar aku main keyboard , lain lah kawan2 yang datang rumah aku . dorang dengar lah aku main. kan kan korang ? mun ? fatimah ? mus ? dja ? mira ? hehe . and , I taught them some song too .

so , dup dap dup dap . here goes..

my first try , A BIG SUCCESS ! lega nya hati ni ..
then I was asked to repeat again . waaaaaa , he enjoyed me playing the song . seronoknya ..

my hands were starting to feel cold at this moment . huuu ~ I granted his wish , but I got the wrong note .. wuu.. then he gave me a full support .. yeahh . raising up my spirit again . I can do it . I can do it ! so i did . again , I managed to play well .
what a relief .. wuu .. that feeling of success and making someone happy or shall I say making someone touched, it was like having a glimpse of heaven .. ^_^

but for sure , my nervous system was continuing sending information to my brain causing my body cells to react and I can feel my hand shaking and it was cold.. huhu , but this doesn't matter . I am happy . :)

hey , thanks ..

hrm.. next stop , mira's bday . playing a happy birthday song for her. huhu . ok.

sekian , salam :)

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