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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

happy tree friends

Happy Tree Friends Pictures, Images and Photos

weeeeee ~ comel comel comel ! comel kan kartun dia ?

haha . actually this cartoon just seems to be cute , but it's animation , the story .. fuhh .. I couldn't say , too much violence . 18 SG .. huhu , but there are no sign of '18 SG' and warning saying ppl under 18 can't watch , so . I did .. yay ! c(=

i was first introduced to this cartoon in 2004 , I was at my cousin's house in Rawang , so , as usual , I sat with my brother on a chair beside my cousin , he was older than me , I've got nothing to do so I watched him play the computer . he then asked "izzat , amar . nak tengok cartoon x?" . something like that . hrmm.. I don't remember the details . we agreed . so he opened a website , and showed us the 'happy tree friends' episode . haha . what a violence . but still , interesting . so sometimes when i get bored . i watched the new episodes of happy tree friends . it has become a hobby . hehe . gahhh .. everytime i watch this cartoon , my hands was all over my eyes . takut tapi nk tengok gak . izzat izzat.. ish3 .. :DDD

anyway , here's the website .
bukak lah kalau berani . HAHA . bwk bantal sekali nak tutup muka :D

happy tree friends

click lah .

kalau nak tengok kat youtube pun ada gak ^_^

*precaution : kalau lemah smgt , dinasihatkan better jangan tengok . hrmm ..

ok lah , sekian , saja2 je nak cerita . :) *my english was bad . haha .

salam .


  1. tau xpe...
    kdg2 tu bleh terase kesakitannye bile tgk katun nih..
    nme je HAPPY tree frenz..
    HEPI habes hidop dlm kekejaman..

  2. Ko kate best????? Punyer ah menakutkan....
    X patut kartun cml2 wat gi2.