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Sunday, March 27, 2011

tips for interviews :)

assalamualaikum :)

oke , i'll be using english for this post . practising mine :)

i don't really have real experience going for interviews (except for the mock interview in modul budaya kerja during PLKN times . haha)

so i've explored the internet searching for tips on going for interviews .
these are some of the links i found . kalau dah malas sangat nak explore , click je eh . kalau malas gak tak dapek den nak nolong eh ;) (terguna BM gak. haha)

and don't forget to apply for your scholarship :)

hope we can all take benefits from these writings :)
(berterabur gila english. haha. adoi)


  1. need more practice about ur english.. but its ok.. not bad.. HAHA~ (aku pon broken english)

  2. John : terharu gle ada supporter , thanks :) yup , need to practise more . klu ada salah ko tolong aa sikit2 jugak ^^

  3. i thought izzat was a girls name, i'm a bit confused about your gender

  4. umlot : yeah , I'm obviously a girl with a guy's name . haha . don't get confused , people normally do . heyy ~ sorry for linking your post without your permission . if you don't like it , just let me know :)

  5. biasiswa jpa ada temuduga eh?failed la camni. :D

  6. ijat, speaking of the 'PLKN interview'.. i didnt really think that was a good one..haha.. interviewer : HAKIMI n CHEAH
    haha..gonna miss em much! the most silliest interview (i guess)
    bt its gave a lil nervous b4 entered the class.klakar la pulak!
    laenla if dpt anti,mirul,amy..haha..interview korang smpai ana boleh dgr !
    err..ignore the WORST english oke:)