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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let's HIT it . :D

Assalamualaikum :)
Hello there people ! what's up ?
Here's what's up .. I had a good time today .

Today , I decided to join back Taekwondo and I did ! yeahh .. haha . it was an awkward moment at first as I haven't joined IIUM kid's taekwondo club for almost 3 years . yeahh . lots of things changed . brother Hanif was now the instructor and my juniors back then , was .... err .. nowhere to be found ? so new faces were there . but luckily i managed to fit in well :) Syukur . Thanks to the two little kids who greeted me and asked

"ni cikgu Anis kan?"


"tak lah , ni adik cikgu Anis" .

"eii , tipu , cikgu Anis"

.. and I just smiled .

"ohh , (sambil baca nama kat baju TKD) cikgu IZZAT ZAID lah" .

HAHA . FYI Anis is my elder sister and she was once a taekwondo instructor too .. I took her place now . I'm guessing so .. kot .. entah ..

so we started by doing some kickings (using the targets) and warming ups before continuing on doing some punching and kickings in the syllabus . next we did the taegeuks . those kids will be having their gradings in three weeks time . I conducted taegeuk for the yellow and white belt holders . LITTLE KIDS . yeahh , they were like , running here , running there . =,=

"cikgu izzat , tengok tu dia saje nak lari"

"cikgu , nak pergi minum boleh? saya haus"

"cikgu , tulang saya sakit buat exercise tadi . auuuu .. sakit"

"cikgu ikatkan tali pinggang"

"master , saya tak hafal lagi taegeuk . macam mana ni?"

there's this little kiddo (around the age of 5-6) calling me master . HAHA janggal tahu ? takde lah tinggi sangat pangkat aku .
yeah , simply hard to handle . (padahal around 15 orang je) . but still , they did listen to my instruction , nakal2 gitu lah .

once , a cute little girl called me , and I asked her what's the problem , I had to bend my body in order to listen (maklumlah saya tinggi :D) , she just smiled and then pinched my cheek . Ahhh ~ dah lama orang tak cubit pipi tahu tak ? dah lah budak kecil yang buat . bhaha . berani betul .

so , I'm dealing again with kids for each of the next Sundays, and seriously .


HAHA . I'm already 18 . pergh . oke , the practise went on for two hours and that's it -

here's what my mind told me -

"oke izat , kau kena serius lah lepas ni kalau nak jadi kuat macam Anis . semangat semangat !"

ohh , kenalkan , kakak saya . Anis Zaid (promote sikit . HAHA)
I'm really jealous of her .

- hoping my spirit lasts :)


another event - I went to a friend's open house . we haven't met since we transfer school . (2009) we had some chat and talked about stuffs and school :)
glad i was still remembered . best tau jumpa kawan lama . rindu HAHA .
satu benda yang takkan lupa , dia punya ayat - kawan sekali , kawan selamanya . YUP . true . :)

that's all kot . sorry , i'm still thinking of some ideas to post something good for you readers instead of telling stuffs like this . but , it's just for fun and a good way to practice my English . thank you for reading .
wasalam :)


  1. bangga doe.ada part pasal tu dalam blog kau HAHA!
    betul2.kwan sekali, kawan selamanya orrait !

  2. aku dak taekwondo gak dowh.. nak join balik, tapi saiz baju dulu takmuat dah... 5 years quitting, agak2 fit lagi x?

  3. beli baru lah . HAHA ko cakap ko dah meninggi :D