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Saturday, April 16, 2011

silence ; hmm..

poof poof . hello peeps :) Peace be upon you .
yeah , i'm back . as u guys noticed (or maybe not) , i haven't updated my blog for some while . HAHA i guess if you're able to see my draft , you'll see much of the unfinished posts . for some reason , i got stuck , lost my ideas before i managed to complete my post . so , have my sincere apology . :)

well , this time , i'm letting out a sigh .. towards my own weird habit (habit ke?) --> having my phone in silent state . i don't know why , but this has been going on since like 3 years ago ! up until now . now . yeah now (at this very moment) .
maybe you won't think this as something peculiar , but you would rarely hear my ringtones , i don't even recognize my ringing tone . :D HAHA to that extend .

saje nak mencapub wallpaper tu . wirawati ~ haha

let me share my experiences :
situation 1# :
there's once where i lost my phone , inside my house . maybe i misplaced it , and after searching for like 2 days , i found it on the fridge =,= luckily it's not inside the fridge , wonder how it got there .. hmm ..

situation 2# :
my brother hides my phone inside a pillow and i almost gave up searching for my phone . and entah macam mana i got Hidayah Allah :) found it , and i asked Amir why he put it there and he said "amir takut hilang orang lain ambil" =,= . bhaha , cute and caring little bro .

situation 3# :
(normal situation) honestly , i'm not a text-maniac , or too obsessed with my phone to bring it along with me here and there . and I CAN LIVE WITHOUT MY PHONE . seriously , but life will surely be hard for me if it is so . when i'm on the line , take note that my phone would be upstairs in my room under my pillow . haha poor phoneyy . so , normally when i went upstairs to go to bed , i'll finally check up on my phone and wallah "17 missed calls" "7 new messages" and sewaktu dengannya . nak reply , umm , (oh , dia hantar pukul 12 tengah hari tadi) . orang selalu terasa sebab ni =,=

situation 4# :
my uncle called me yesterday , i got 4 missed call from him , and 1 message saying he would like to come over to my house , but he didn't because he wasn't sure if i'm home . =.= rasa bersalah because he was from Melaka :( sorry Cik Ri .

and i think you can guess what else would happen when you're me . i tried to make the tones available but , it's like i'll automatic press the # button and make it be silent again . see . a habit . ottokachi ? (what can i do in korean) . tangan tangan , stop lah . huh , no motive of posting this . just something to share . hee ~ sorry kalau lambat reply message ke apa .

enough with the phone story .

semangat tak ? semangat kan ? HAHA . to those who got chosen for kumpulan 2 siri 8/2011 . i hate you guys . HAHA oke joking , i'm just jealous . good luck . ;)
trust me , it's fun when you put your heart in it . don't hate something before you even try it . except for the maksiats and things yang memang haram dalam Al-Quran . jangan nak mengada-ngada suka .


ohh yeah , I'm kinda busy recently , but still i have time to go online and watch videos on youtube . Found this two vlog owner (actually they were recommended by my friends on FB)

these two dudes were , AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWSOME !
their right brain were like , dududada tosh tosh never stopped working !
so hilarious and creative .
try checking out their vlogs ..

let's try one of my favourite :D
(every each of their video is my favourite sebenarnya . HAHA)

*there's always someone who loves you*

they are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too cool , nak jadi macam dorang gak ! cool gila gila gila . thumbs up !
ohh , i'm really envious right now . had this desire to make my own vlog one fine day in the future . (insyaAllah) . in the process of learning . heyy , oke apa , my acting's not so bad after all *perasan . haha .

hmm .. still waiting for my DSLR . abahhh .. nak :(

oke lah , see you next time . wasalam :)


  1. ala minat matlutfi n inianwarhadi sejak spupu ana introduce kt ana awal taon lps..ahaha.best tgok dorg+ berilmu :)

  2. haha like gila dorang :) nantikan ana punya pulak eh .