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Friday, May 27, 2011

some good stuffs :)

hello smurfs and people . Assalamualaikum .
well , for this post , I would like to promote you , a very very very good website :)

just open your browser or if you're reading this right now , press ctrl + T . and type in


or click here if you malas . haha .


what's this page all about ? well , if you didn't read the description , I'll tell you . It's a place where you can use as a medium to donate or offer stuffs you're not using anymore . instead of throwing them away , why not giving them to people who needs/wants them ? the community is big , well , there are many groups here and search one addressed MALAYSIA and join the group .

it's not only that , if you really want something and you don't have the chance to own it (maybe it's not sold anymore or you don't have the money to buy) , you can also try asking . If you're lucky enough , someone might read your mail and grant your request . it's not like you're forcing people , the give you by their own will :)

here's one example .

cool huh ? :) so why should you be hesitating ? let's join and help others ! it never hurts to join and help !
(I didn't yet offer anything . xtahu nak offer apa . nanti ada cuba lah bagi . >.<)

oke sekian . wasalam .


  1. do they accept old stuff toys?

  2. sure they do , :)
    as long as it's still in good condition .
    it depends , if someone wants it , they'll say it .