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Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Fresh Start.

I should start believing that I'm two months away from becoming officially 18! wohohooo!
Let me tell ya, this year had been a very long and exciting year for me.

SPM ended on 16th of December and I spent 2 weeks doing some and some not beneficial things. 
  • Mourning over and over again because farewells finally came.
  • Laughing over and over again because school's finally over. no more ASRAMA life.
  • Packing my stuffs (2 boxes of books) being brought back home.
  • Separating the exam papers to give away or recycle (it was tiring)
  • Wasting time going online, blogging, you-tubing, and facebooking.
  • Watching Korean dramas.
  • Hanging out!
  • Register for my driving license - I managed to go to KPP class and take my computer test.
  • Learning the guitar chords - my fingers went red and the skin started to tear off. memang macam tu eh?
  • Preparing myself for National Service!
hey, why all the lagha's thing mentioned here? astaghfirullahalazim.

okay, so 2010 ended and January came by to visit again.
I was being casted away to Kem PLKN Jiwa Murni, Gunung Semanggol. 
One unique place which people would surely ask "kat mana tu?" when mentioned.
It was located in Perak, the camp was just behind Bukit Merah Laketown Resort (oh, tahu pulak eh?), so people actually got blinded by the excitement and enjoyment offered in Bukit Merah. Why couldn't you see the spirit of patriotic shown by the Trainee of NS just in the middle of the Ladang Kelapa Sawit behind?

Nevermind. I was there for 3 months and I was grateful, I learned so many beautiful life knowledge there. I saw the friendships, teamworks, leaderships portrayed by people from different backgrounds. I learned love as well. HAHA. It was a foolish crush I had on this guy. The feeling wasn't solid. Okay. So I was truly in grief when the last day finally arrived. 3 months wasn't enough! - most of us thought so. I met some great friends, Chinese and Indians as well. They were just very friendly and themselves! My bestfriend was a Chinese, and I loved her like really love her. Learnt Mandarin as well. Wo hen xiang ni, wa yao ching ni. ;)

So there goes the 3 months filled with a bit of suffering and a whole lot of enjoyment and excitement! I have to admit, some part of my heart were still left there. sobss.

A week of resting and relaxing at home after letting my skin burned under the hot Sun.

23rd of March finally arrived.
the day was a Gift from Allah. Syukur Ilahi. My prayer was answered. my family, friend's prayer was also replied, all the tense and hardship was a bless in disguise. I got the best result anyone could ever wanted. Thank You ya Allah.
11A+ was ever I dreamt of. :)

The next week came and I started working.
as an examination assistant in International Islamic University Malaysia.
16 days of work. It was fun. A very different environment from what I had previously.
Managing the files, filling up the information, working and negotiating with the Professors and Lecturers.
Handling the bermacam-ragam students, including foreign students of course !

I wasn't realizing time was moving, until the end of April approached quietly.
I did nothing but continue attending the driving classes with my coooooooolest cikgu Naim :) and getting my driving license. 
Unfortunately, I failed my first attempt of the JPJ test. :( sobs.
I passed the motorcycle's JPJ test but not the D class one. It was a bit frustrating because time was limited.

Two weeks after that I had to report myself to the Center for Foundation Studies, International Islamic University Malaysia. Taking Allied Health Science. However I did follow my intention, changing my course to Human Science. Psychology, HERE I COME!

Went to CFS IIUM campus in Nilai. I got the one year programme. and yes, I'm very grateful for that.
Met some new cool dormmates and classmates. 
Went through several interviews here and there.
Got the position for Vice President of Human Sciences Student Society but I rejected.
Got appointed the position of Head Sports and Recreation Bureau for Foundation Students Coordination Council or dikenali sebagai Badan Perwakilan Pelajar . Handling not , 700 , not 1000 but 5000 students of CFS!
wayy much responsibility to be held. Luckily, the team members were so much helping and inspiring. Alhamdulillah :)

I eventually started loving someone. but he was yet to know. I kept wondering if he was treating me nicely to show me that men are naturally born to be gentle or to show his care and affection? Never had the gut to ask. Our story was gradually ending before it could ever begin and I'm trying to adapt along with this fact. Long distance relationship could work- was yet to be proven and trusted. 
Just let Allah handle this matter. He always knows what is best for his servants.

I truly have to say, I met so many people and friends in very much different environments this year. Many things happened.

I'm growing up, and I should be growing up!


Life is not getting any longer. I reach my birthday once a year, and I should always be realizing, it wasn't a sign of me getting older, but my life's getting shorter and I'm nearer to death.

Ramadhan's finally coming and I'm thinking of some changes for myself. Turning over a new leaf.
and always starting a fresh start.

oh AnwarHadi. tolonglah suka saya.

Orait. Assalamualaikum. dan selamat berpuasa !

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