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Sunday, July 31, 2011


3 minutes past 11. I should already be in bed now. 
I had this feeling recently. This feeling of inferiority. I'm so not feeling motivated right now.
I need my mom. I need someone telling me I'm not invincible.

People are telling me great stories and achievements of themselves. I was happy to hear from my friends but somehow, I actually have this feeling of inferior. Feeling very tiny. I couldn't tell this to anyone but myself. People wouldn't see that in me. 
I wonder how long would this last. I wonder how will I able to motivate myself again.
I'm just not being me.

I know Allah's with me. He is!
He is.. 
Make me strong oh Allah . 
Especially during this month of Ramadhan.
Give me blessings and guide me always to the right path.


  1. Ijat , be strong dear , I know you can do it . Just remember HIM always , and pray a lot . Okay dear ? :)

  2. ana pun rasa macam anti.:'(
    come on ijat!! kita boleh!

  3. "orang yang paling baik di antara kamu ialah orang yang paling bertaqwa