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Sunday, July 31, 2011

McLEAD 2011 - the best!

credits to Amirulhazim for triggering me to start blogging again :D

some of my art work during my school times as the school magazine editor :D
lama jugak dah tak guna photoshop eh . rinduuuuu ~

oke. Assalamualaikum.
I was posting this just to share my experience going to an aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwweeesome course earlier this month.

McLEAD or Management Course for Student Leaders 2011.
Held for 4 days 3 nights at Dusun Eco Resort, Bentong, Pahang. :D
representing the Foundation Student Coordination Council (FSCC) Nilai.
there were 14 of us from FSCC Nilai, and 15 Petaling Jaya Campus.
all participants were around 145-150. macam tu lah.

Let's begin with the tentative of the programme.
(excluding eating, resting and praying time)

Thursday - `14th July 2011
1400- Arrive at DER & Registration.

being some kind of PATI. :D

1700- Programme briefing, ice breaking, group division and discussion

2030- Opening ceremony of McLEAD 2011
2200- End of Day 1.

Friday- 15th July 2011
0900- Session with SDD by Bro. Izdihar Ishak
1045- Basic Table Ethic.

1445- Session with RMDD by Mdm. Rose Haliza Harun
1715- Team Building 1

2115- Almanac for Academic Year 2011/2012
2330- End of Day 2

Saturday- 16th July 2011
0845- Event Management and Protocol Part 1 by Mr. Mohamed Syairoz

1045- Event Management and Protocol Part 2 by Mr. Mohamed Syairoz
1415- Effective Meeting by Mr. Mohamed Syairoz
1515- Almanac for Academic Year 2011/2012
1700- Team Building 2

2100- Almanac for Academic Year 2011/2012

2330- End of Day 3

Sunday- 17th July 2011
0830- Presentation on Almanac for Academic Year 2011/2012
1045- Finalisation of Almanac for Academic Year 2011/2012
1200- Check out.

1300- Depart to Nilai & PJ

bye2 DER. :(

it was a good experience. being around with leaders. the presidents of societies and clubs.
we felt as though we have known each other lama dah. bekerjasama bagai, sorang bagi arahan yang lain dengar, sorang bagi pendapat, yang lain setuju, saling tolong- menolong (esp the team building part) padahal nama pun tak ingat. =.= how was that? awesome kan? buat cheer sama2. sepakat padahal tahu surface je pasal masing2. cakap pun tak pernah before.

And then you have people volunteering, berebut2 nak volunteer. nak jawab soalan. nak bagi nasihat tegur orang. yang lain pun tak banyak bunyi. suruh nyanyi lagu CFS kami nyanyi. haha. being around them, I felt as if I'm in a different world. :)

bila kalah tak kecewa pun, sebab entah . best sangat, working together as a team. masuk hutan bagai. then kat situ jugak takde line phone. so macam terpisah dengan kehidupan bandar, teknologi semua. duduk kat hutan, malam2 sejuk ada aircond natural, mandi air bukit. sejuk. refreshing. you know, it was awesome !

Can't wait for the induction course next week, Cameron Highlaaaaaaaaaannd :D

but still,


syukurlah. dapat tengok orang hebat2. I wish to become like them!

well, a picture is worth a thousand word ain't it?
let's consider 21000 words are already written :)

btw, I love this programme.
thank you for reading. :)

HAHA. nak study untuk BTQ pulak. exam tak habis lagi!


  1. Cameron Highland is waiting huh? tak sabar gile! want to meet the FSCC PJ.

    anyway Izzat, i really miss our meeting with the other fscc members. especially the discussion parts and doa rabitah! :)

  2. x da lak cte dpt jmpe org yg x pna jmpe sblum ni? haha :P