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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No water for Today,

Assalamualaikum. Hello there people!
I was sleeping kinda late recently and I was so frustrated because I woke up late. especially during this month of Ramadhan. Shouldn't be happening. Class at nine. Woke up around 8. Uwaa~

But nevermind. after this assignment thingy is over. I'll get back to my previous schedule. 11 O'clock, LalaLand already :)

Anyway, got my History result. 18.5/20. Some arguments I would like to make (thinking I'm right), but I dare not say it in class. T.T apakah ini? takpelah, still. Alhamdulillah. Semangat 4 flat ! Ijtihad wa la taksal ! :)

Esok, gerak pergi PJ. sleepover kat sana. Yeayy. Nak jumpa kawan2 SMAPK. as well as SMKSP. :) seronoknya !
and for Friday, heading to Cameron Highlands. :D (BIG GRINNNN)
urusan kerja (cewahh) I sort of feel that I'm a grown up. 3 hari outstation atas urusan kerja. wohohoo. tak boleh lah nak blah.. Ada induction course, gotta settle things and plan for CFS IIUM's 4 big event this year. my first experience being involved in things this big. Agak nervous. huh.. Praying everything will go well. InsyaAllah.

I still have much of the memorization of Doa, Hadith and ayat Hafazan to be made. Study Circle. FIM. ya Allah. Kau permudahkanlah urusanku. InsyaAllah.
Work hard. No more laziness ! Jiayou Izzat!

(Tajuk ada kaitan tapi tak diberitahu dalam post. gahah)

Ramadhan 2 Zaman.

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