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Sunday, September 4, 2011


The rule was to tag the first person on the list. I wasn't cheating. HAHA kelakar pun ada jugak. Well, benda ni bukan betul pun. I did not post this on facebook. tak berani. HAHA. and I wish yang kena tag tu tak baca blog ni. :D

But kalau dah jodoh siapa je tahu? dengan siapa, bila. Wallahualam. 

I know kak Izzati is reading this. I'm tagging you. HAHA.

p/s: tapi kenapa susunan macam tak betul? Ha Ha Ha


  1. eats all your wedding cake???? *mmg tepat orgnye

    steals the ring?! huhu..

  2. izzat, now i know why u 'gelak besar' when u told me bout this. cettt! takpe2. ada jodoh tak ke mana. :) dun worry, i wont be jealous because i know, sumday the best man will come to me! ops, not necessarily the best man that has been tagged i mean. :)

    ps- i'll show my print screen to u later on. i wont ever post it neither in fb or even blog. nightmare kot! but anyway, prepare to laugh as much as u want. :D