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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Law of Diffusion. Ohyeah.

This post is good :)

I'm kind of disappointed reading this line. 
Well, do we have to really put some barriers between PJ and Nilai? 
Aren't we one family? 
Maybe people don't care. 
But somehow this seemed  like a bit of discrimination. Isn't it?
Take note. We are ONE family of CFS IIUM.
I hope when I go to PJ next year. This issue won't be so obvious. 
No more. Yes kita boleh. boleh. boleh :)
No more budak Nilai the anak tiri and budak PJ ni tempat kitorang.
I do love FSCC! Peace! v(^.^)

and here's my new hobby.
Tapi saya tak berani lagi nak mengupas isu politik secara public.
Not matured enough. Hehe. :D

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