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Monday, August 13, 2012

Last day.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah. Hai. :)

Yesterday was actually my last day working in Petrosains for this year. 
Sedih ke? Hmm not really. Because certain orang je aku bagitahu. And aku tak femes pun kat situ. So people don't care. Huahua. And maybe next year cuti sem aku kerja jugak balik. But next year lah.
Things might have changed a lot masa tu. People won't be the same dah. Yang rapat dengan aku pun ramai dah masuk belajar, and dah masuk kerja for good kat Pekan sanaaaaaa tu mungkin. 

But at least I had great memories sepanjang 3 bulan bekerja ni. Since awal June haritu. And I did learn lotsssssssssss of things. And I get to know staffs yang sangat cool and open-minded, friends of different ages and races. Best gila kenal dorang! Sharing lots of life experiences and cerita-cerita random stuffs and thoughts. I get the chance to widen my view towards life, learn respect, and enhance my communication skills. :)

Okay so yesterday was kind of something for me. It was my last day and lots of things happens kot. 
I was being given the honour to facilitate at the 'SPEED' station. With Norshela Zakaria. Tadaaa.

The Car she's holding is actually a CELL PHONE! Cooooliooo~

So dua orang jaga the station. :)
Well we had some talks and I was really 'awww'-ed when she said she's going backpacking next week to Thailand and again to China after raya nanti. Huh jealousnya. I mean backpacking has always been my dream since I was fourteen. But I never get the chance to do that, and I never knew how to plan my trip! Because I never did. T_T
And she's really good. That Thailand punya trip, she planned earlier and she managed to get her accommodation at a 4-star Hotel for 4 days at the price of only RM150. Including the meals and transit from the airport. WHOAAAA? :O *Ternganga sekejap* 

Me? Bila nak start kan? I have to start somewhere. And I'm already 19 dah ni. Backpacking dalam Malaysia pun tak pernah lagi. Okayy. I have this dream. When Farah Farisha dah fly pergi United Kingdom nanti, I wanted to travel around Europe with her. Just the two of us <3>
Duit? Hmm. Kena start kumpul dah lah ni! Ingat nak pergi masa dah 3rd year nanti. Meaning maybe in 2014/2015. Huu. Hah kena kumpul kumpul lagi duit ni. And kena plan trip so dapat murah. :D
Okay apa salahnya ada impian kan? :)

Next year pun insyaAllah. :) InsyaAllah middle east sana. Farhana kat Sudan. Eh Egypt dengan Sudan dekat kan? :) Jordan? Hmmmmm hehe :) 
InsyaAllah. Aku nangis jugak kalau plan tak jadi macam tahun ni. T_T
Takpe lah. Rezeki Allah kat mana-mana pun ada. Semua ada hikmah. Tahun ni raya kat Malaysia. Kan? :)

Okay Petrosains. 
Bulan puasa ni wa nak cakap sama lu, almost 80% of the visitors are foreigners. Foreigners from all over the world. Normally I don't have any problems communicating with them, because most of them could speak and understand English.
However yesterday. I had lotsssss of communication barriers. Like seriously. 

The first one was with a group of high school students from Thailand. Nak facilitate but they didn't get a clue of what I'm saying. So I decided to do something yang observable, instead of telling facts. Haha. Okay that went well. 

The second one was with a family from Spain. I'm guessing referring to the way they speak. Boleh lah detect a bit of Spanish words. So anak dia nak try one of the exhibit.  Oh I heard anak dia cakap "No lo se" sambil shrugging. And I gave the instruction in English. But well, hmmmmmm I don't know if she understands or not but she replied with a question in Spanish. Pergh, tak kan nak blah camtu je kan? So I continued cakap je English. But with simple words lah, satu satu. And helped her and use any possible body language. So it went well jugak. but not that well, not excellent lah. Okay Alhamdulillah.

The third one was with a chinese. A pure chinese. The guy was an adult. He was observing me facilitating at one exhibit and emm dia pun nak tahu what the thing was about. So he asked. In mandarin. Time tu I was like..... Haaaa.. Haaaaa... Boleh faham sikit apa dia cakap but nak jawab tu.. Haaaaaaaaaaa.. Apa nak jawab? Words apa ni nak guna? Takde lah banyak vocabs pun aku tahu. Setakat ni hau ma tu boleh la. That guy was still asking, so what I did is. I asked him to wait kejap and I called Shela. My lifesaver. She could converse in mandarin, hokkien semua-semua well. Because she is a chinese pun. So she came and she facilitate lah. SHE DID WELL. VERY WELL. Laju gila cakap memang aku tak faham lah kan apa dia cakap. Orang tu pun angguk faham. Huh bagusnya. And atlast dia cakap 'xie xie' - bu yong ke qi. K fine ni je aku faham.

The fourth one was a group of youth from Korea. Okay ni tak banyak sangat masalah because one of the friend can understand English and he was helping me translate it into Koreans. So kawan-kawan dia pun faham lah. :)

So that was it. Huuuu, how I wish I was born with the ability to understand and converse all languages in this world. Bestnya. It's okay. Well that's the challenge lah kan bekerja. I'll learn. I'm learning. InsyaAllah. Aku belajar lagi bahasa-bahasa foreign. Improve lah kan. Bukan sebab kerja je. Tapi for myself. It might be useful in the future. It will be useful pun. Okay.

Btw got my second kad raya from Amirul. Best best! Huahua. Thanks bro! 


After kerja went to Pizza Hut. Iftar dengan my love. :)
Farhana. She just got back from Sudan on Saturday. And saturday pun iftar dengan dia kat jamuan iftar ARC @ IIUM. Semalam pun sekali lagi. But this time only the two of us. Hehe. Nak dating. :3
It was great, we were talking stuffs and random stuffs and making jokes the only two of us would understand how funny it was. Best, talking about our plans in the future. How we want our lives to be. Tazkirah tazkirahs. Our careers. Figuring out our personalities.Haa she figured out things about me, and I told her how she was. Ye lah mana nak sedar diri kan. We don't judge ourselves. Hihu. Girls talk. Huh I love her! 
Dah balik rumah pun we were still texting sampai I fell asleep with my phone kat sebelah. Headphone kat telinga lagi. Hihu.

Most of the pictures are in her Ipad. Huahua.

Alrite. I love my friends. :) 
Allah loves me, He sends me such wonderful friends. Syukur ya Allah. :)
Okay. See ya. TTFN 
Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah.


  1. eh memandai je pekan. x malu. pffffttt, eh kwn ko ni bf die x join plak smlm

  2. ok ada kad raya aku bg, now ak terharu. hahahah

  3. Haha biarlah. Yang ko terasa tu kenapa? Entah2 aku tulis pasal orang lain ke. Pftttt..
    Emm. eii biarlah aku nak berdua je dengan dia. Hihi

  4. la kalau tau awal2 ijat keje kat sini, boleh ana pi daptkan tiket free.haha.jat,sambung mana pasni?uia kuantan atau gombak? :D