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Friday, December 28, 2012

Tips for last minute study. :D

Okay Izzat, you have only 30 minutes to write! Banyak lagi tak study tu oiii..

Baiklah, dasarwarsa (suka hati je) ini, fenomena 'exam' melanda pelajar2 IPTA di seluruh negara termasuklah 20 ribu pelajar di IIUM. So hari ni aku nak bagi tips sikit how to study last minute secara efficient.

Okay translate sikit supaya bermanfaat kepada rakan-rakan dari negara lain. acehhh. :D

So in this post I'm going to give out tips, which I find useful, for last minute study. Come on! Who doesn't do this? Hehe I did. Pengakuan jujur. Sape je tak study last minute kan?

1. Don't make that last minute toooooo literally. Hiks
Last minute study shouldn't be like one day before and you want to cover all chapters! Nooooooo!! Redefine again your 'last minute' term. At least 3 or 4 days, you start studying and yeah, you don't have to push yourself to study the whole 24 hour! Do it at least 2-3 hours in the morning (plus 5 minutes break for every 20 minutes. Because a human being can focus for only around 15-20 minutes.), 2-3 again in the afternoon. Go out and play during the evening, and as for my case I'm exercising my fingers here. And after Isya' another 2-3 hour. That's it done!

2. Sleep early, wake up early!
You know you haven't cover many topics and time is ticking! Ohh no!! So you think you should stay up until late night and study study study!
No no no no no no! That is not the right way to do it. Do it the right way. Just stop when it's already bed time. 10.30 p.m. , 11.00 p.m. Do not exceed the time. Because why? You need that beauty sleep.
Our brain works twice when we are fast asleep. Did you know that? So, all those information you gain since morning, need to be processed. Placing it nice and well inside your brain, store it in your memory drawer! (Let's hope it gets to your long term memory drawer!) and finally when you wake up in the morning, you remember what you learn yesterday! Yayyyy! Alhamdulillah.

Since you already got your beauty sleep (at least 6 hours of sleep), then might as well you wake up early. (The earlier the better, boleh tahajjud sekali.)
Perform your subuh prayer and go take your shower, eat something, and continue your study. Studying at this time is the perfect time to do so! Smell the fresh air, the bird chirping finding for food to feed their family, the sky so blue and beautiful, the calamity and quietness because people are still sleeping. Ahhhh isn't that good?

Put a smile on your face and begin your day again! With knowledge! Iqra bismirabbikal lazi kholaq :)

3. Study Group using past examination question.

This is a good way to study last minute. Because your friends have studied (hopefully) and you have read through the chapters. (Just read it through at a glance pun boleh). Go and find the past years question and try to answer it with a friend. Sometimes, they know the answers and they will explain to you regarding that topic. You ask for more! If not, you can search through again the textbooks and read it out loud and share with your friends. Two ways advantage huh? Isn't it great! You might be surprised that when you were in the examination hall, and the questions came out and you can imagine the time you studied with your friends. Laughing and making up stories to help remember the subject more. Different people, different ideas! :)

And as for IIUM students, here's a link to past years examination collecting where you can browse through and download the papers, yayy IIUM!


10 minutes left!

4. Pray. Pray. Pray.
Don't forget this. Before you begin your revision, raise your hands and pray. 

Pray that Allah bless you with what you are doing. 
Pray that what you learn, though it's only a little, will be very beneficial to you and others as well. 
Pray that Allah ease you, make your memory strong. 
Pray that Allah make you calm and keep you away from stress.
Pray that Allah help you to study well.

He is the Most Loving and Merciful after all? We do believe that don't we? ^_^

Imagine the faces of your parents smiling when they see your result! Keep that as a motivation and go start your revision! Though time is a bit constrain, DO NOT WASTE IT AND DO NOT GIVE UP BEFORE TRYING!

Finally, enter the exam hall confidently and Tawakkal. Do your best!

Who says studying last minute is bad? Haha wow this post really boost my motivation! Yahhh! :)

I do! It is bad, but there is always space for improve right? :D
Okay Assalamualaikum.
All the best everyone! Bittaufiq wannajah!


  1. wat elok2 exam.. :)
    tapi kalau boleh lepas ni jangan amalkan study last minute ye -_-

  2. All the best away! may Allah ease your way :D