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Monday, January 7, 2013

New chapter :)

1 week already passed in 2013. :)
And I have experienced lots of things. Seriously.
Began my new year menghadap notes studying for final. Huhu. I thought I did well studying, but then when the question came out, I do feel like crying. T_T
Why? This is why..

20 marks? 18 marks? Aaahhh 14 chapters and only 4 came out, and only a part of the chapter, subtopics. I was asking myself, how am I ever going to get the whole 20 marks. Which point should I put? Insert? Huu. Normally after a paper, I won't bother thinking about it since I did my best and tawakkal. But this one? Huuu I wanna cry. To be frank, my carry mark for this subject is the highest I got for this semester. Alhamdulillah dapat 46/50. Tinggal 50 lagi final exam. But then? Hmmm. Redha je lah dapat berapa pun. 

Anyway, on the 5th and 6th of January I went to work. Again. Ahhh missing Petrosains. Unfortunately, none from my batch is working. Sedih. Sobs. Ada tapi department lain, Miza department lain. Terserempak sekejap je. Tapi nama pun kerja kat Petrosains. The staffs and volunteers kat sana awesome! Haha take me for example. Ehhh :p okay kidding. No I'm not, my colleagues are much much better! Tak percaya? Try lah datang Petrosains and rasai sendiri pengalaman! Hihu. Two days working were awesome! Made 5 new friends! Wuhuuu! We never met before tapi bila borak2 macam dah kenal lama je rasa. I can somehow be myself with them. Well, one even knew things I don't tell people. huhu. Yeah because he got my trust. I'm not sure how he did it. Same frequency katanya, maybe? Haha

Dalam Petrosains yang awesome!
And after 6 months working there, the second day I was stationed at Future Energy for the FIRST time. Huuu somehow I can feel that Abang Zul trusted me. 1st day pun terus letak kat Petrojaya. Selalu dapat Speed sebab dah lama tak datang kan. but he trusted me macam kak Fiz jugak. *terharu* T_T
Macam kak ina, abang KI. Abang KI dah pindah dah, sedih~ lepasni kalau camp in, CSS ada ke yang nak percaya potensi aku macam abang KI? Kak ina ada. Hiks. Hopefully. Yang lain pun okay je. Cuma maybe aku belum kerja under diorang lagi so tak tahu lagi. :) Yet to be.

Last year Raya. Kuih raya duit raya :)

Anyway, today I went to the Trick Art Museum with my friends. Izzati, Syahiirah and Farah. Cool jugak lah! Huhu. Tapi penat. Driving balik tu dengan jam lagi. Nasib baik tak jam teruk sebab dah pukul 6 lebih. Eh camne boleh tertukar BM ni? For me I-city wasn't that tempting. Okay je lah. A fun place to hangout, but not really my kind of place to be. I prefer nature more than anything. Free and Subhanallah beautiful!!

And I received a call from UIA, SLEU office asked me if I would like to be committee for a camp next month. Since I am free on that date, I agreed. And the camp will be held at Pulau Pangkor! Huhu coooool~ Vacation for free! Dapat elaun lagi tu. :) Rezeki alhamdulillah. 23rd I'm planning to go for MERCY's volunteer induction program. Nak fulfill one of my dream. Mentioned this before. Hiks. Click HERE. This post was posted 2 years ago! Hihu doakan. Kita merancang Allah menentukan.

Setakat ni my time in January and February is fully occupied. Alhamdulillah. Allah bagi kesihatan, bagi aku peluang untuk belajar something new and tak buang masa. Although penat, tapi tak buang masa. Which itulah azam aku tahun ni. To minimize wasting time and be beneficial to other people. InsyaAllah. Dah plan dah apa nak buat 2nd Sem ni. And I know I am going to be busy! Huhu. Busy but still in a social surrounding, which fits my nature as a sanguinist, kinesthetic person or whatever you call it. Haha attention seeker, affiliation high achiever, I am. So I consider the busi-ness as hobby! Hip hip hooray~ :)

Study? Haha huii tengah cari semangat ni. Semangat nak study. Mana kau hilang? Merajuk ke sebab aku kerja? Janganlahh. Maii lah balik. Cheq rindu kat hang semangat study. 2 paper lagi. Come on~ Ahh. Sekarang too many things to do, and too little time! Aku nak kena choreograph dance step for dance aerobic kat Thailand nanti kena conduct sekali dengan student kat sana.  Waaaaaaaa. Why me? Huu layan je lah. Dah tanggungjawab. Ramai2 exercise. Ok cool enough.

Go jat jat! Go go! Buat simple dah kan. Haha haiihhh kata ex-Head Sports bureau dulu. K boleh! Tapi before that study dulu! Haha 2 paper lagi. Semangat semangat. Demi Allah, demi mama abah, demi masa depan, demi masyarakat yang memerlukan khidmat aku. K ganbatte!

The same wish, still and still will be the same. InsyaAllah. huu doakan saya! :)

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