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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Assalamualaikum wbt :)

I hope everyone's doing well. 

Yup it's 2.30 am in the morning and I am sitting infront of my laptop writing this post. I was actually planning to post one post but ended up scrolling through my previous blog post and I found this post; CLICK HERE: Ijat, ko mintak MARA ke JPA?

The post was posted 3 years ago. In the year 2011. I found a statement I wrote in the post.

"...bukan tak suka , aku nak tolong orang dan sekarang tengah semangat nak jadi orang besar , nak join n volunteer kat MERCI , nak ! nak ! (one of my impian)...."

*MERCY spelled wrong. Sorry. Hehe.

3 years past and guess what? Last week I had my first MERCY Malaysia's mission!
Whoaaaaaa.. I almost forgot I wrote my goal 3 years ago. and it came true!

So here I am, eager to share my first experience with MERCY MALAYSIA.

My first mission was SPP phase 1 or the long name is School Preparedness Program. Generally the idea of this program is to educate school children on how to deal with the situation when disaster strikes or to prepare themselves to know how to response in emergencies and disasters, an effort to reduce the risks that might be involved during disasters. That's the general purpose. Correct me if I'm wrong.

The one I went is to SK Batu Laut located in Sepang. The school is just 5 minutes walk away from the beach. It's also in a sub-urban area. So many green trees, pokok-pokok kelapa. The environment is really peaceful and relaxing. A sweet escape from the city I live in. ^_^

Overall it was a really pleasant experience.
My teammates are awesome. Super duper awesome. The guide me a lot.

Everyone is older than me but we respect each other. :)
It's really easy to communicate with my teammates despite having different backgrounds.

The kids, Masya Allah. I instantly fell in love with them. After the introduction part, I was in charge to do the ice-breaking. Those kids really cooperate well and followed every single instruction. They were also excited to engage in the activities played. They did some cheers for their teams and the energy level was set high from the beginning. I, myself have to set my energy higher to get them energized and Alhamdulillah I managed to do it. Role-playing myself as a cheerful kakak. Hehe. I am a cheerful person so I don't need to pretend. I just be myself. Maybe it's because I have children around me so I have to act as a part of them. It was a good experience for me.

Next we have lots of activities and games and these kids were really wonderful. They weren't hard to handle. They don't bring any handphones with them *which is a really good thing* and they don't seem too bothered to engage with the technologies i.e. camera, handphones, games. So all their attention were given to the program, which is super duper awesome!

In my group, the kids were really wonderful. They were so excited and eager to learn. When we do school watching (they are asked to identify hazards and things helpful in times of situation that exist around the school), they did well! In fact all groups did well! Oh, kakak is so proud of all of you T_T
They were really nice to me and they include me in their discussions as well. 

"Kak ijat, jom lah amek gambar sekali dengan kitorang"

I was truly happy to facilitate them.

After lunch break, due to lack of sleep, full stomach and hot weather, I felt really sleepy and tired. I tried my best not to yawn but I couldn't avoid it. Seriously really really sleepy. But the kids were asked to play with some cards with pictures and explain what could happen before, during and after disaster events. I sat aside and let them discuss, but then they came to me and ask if what they say is right. So I went along with their discussion and facilitate so that they get the right ideas. Masya Allah they are so excited to learn, they listen to each and every explanation I give, and when I ask them to repeat to measure their understanding, they could explain in well! Some even stand behind me just to see and hear what I was explaining, the rest sat around me. urghhh! Those kids are so adorable I could hug them all! My sleepiness was gone. Poof! Haha MasyaAllah these kids.. their spirit to learn was something that amazed me.

So the program went on till the last session. They were asked to give feedbacks and comments and so they did. MasyaAllah I read them and it is so wonderful.

Some of them wrote

"Sangat seronok. Datang lagi akak fasilitator"

"Datang lagi bulan depan"

"Buat program satu minggu"

and so much more.

Last but not least, after prize giving ceremony, the kids from my group actually came to me and gave me a bottle of soft drink they got from their hamper and said

"Akak ijat, nah untuk akak. Kitorang semua dah share dah yang lain. Akak tak dapat apa2 kan. Jadi ambil lah ni."




MasyaAllah children why are you so adorable?

I said thank you and gave the drink to one of the group member and he happily accepted it. It was theirs.. So I don't know if it's proper for me to take the gift.

I had fun, I enjoyed myself the whole day. They really welcome me, they really appreciate what they get, what they learn and the feeling of seeing them happy to learn something new is really amazing.

I hope to see those kids again one day. Seeing them grow up well and be successful in their lives. My doa is always for them.

Anyway after the event, my team and I and one of the teacher, Cikgu Salina went to Bagan Lalang to dine in. We had fresh fresh freshhhhhhhh seafood as our dinner. MasyaAllah and Cikgu Salina treated us for our dinner. She is really generous. May Allah reward her with kindness.

It was overall a wonderful experience for me.. and I am glad I was there to be a part of the team.

Thank you MERCY MALAYSIA for the opportunity. ;)

InsyaAllah if I have time I will contribute again to the society.

Here's some pictures.

At the beach!


P/S: I mentioned something else in the post.

"insyaAllah aku cuba dapatkan degree first class honour :)"

Striving for this goal insyaAllah. May Allah ease :)

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