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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

TM FAN RUN 2014.

Let me start my post with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

Soooooo.. This post have rested long enough I don't know when is the last time it's active. :D
But since I started my semester actively, let me activate my blog again.

Just to share some thoughts and experience.
Today marks the end of my 1st week of new semester and I felt really great. Like super duper great!
Alhamdulillah I started my new semester with a positive mindset. and I am happy about it. ^_^

Went to a marathon event. I actually wanted to join the 5km run but the time I register it was already full. So I took the next shortest distance, 10km. "Redah jelahhhh" I told myself.

On the day itself. I woke up with a really positive mindset. I told myself, boleh Izzat boleh! no matter what happen, I must finish the race. I set my target high at first, to finish it within an hour. Then when I started running, I told myself don't stop or else it's really hard to start again, But after 20 minutes :

"puff, puff, puff. Nak rehat!"

So I walked, but I told myself again, I can do this! Just push myself to limit, if not I will regret for not doing my best. I continued to run.. seriously.. I remember it took forever to finish 10km. It was really challenging for me since this is my first time. I continuously jog and sometimes walk (when encountering a hill) but I told myself not to give up. 

Alhamdulillah. After almost 90 minutes, I managed to finish my run!

*Weeeeeee are the championnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn* background song

Haha. the feeling of accomplishment is super duper awesome! The feeling of not giving up is super duper awesome! The feeling of knowing you break your own record is super duper awesome! The feeling of realizing you did it is super duper awesome! I feel like a superman!!

See how much adrenaline is secreted inside me?

Siblings for life!

ARC team!

Balik rumah mama tanya 

"Anis, Amar, menang tak?"

"Izzat, habiskan larian tak?"

Haha. Double standard maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. It's okay because my brother and sister are used to joining these kind of events.

But I did it! I did it! Wehooo!

Now I am ready to start my new semester. 10km boleh buat, nak habiskan 1 semester dengan cemerlang mesti boleh jugak! InsyaAllah.

Proud first time runner,

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