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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Moga tenang disana, Siti Amirah.


This morning I received a message in whatsapp:
It is with a heavy heart to inform that Siti Amirah has confirmed, passed away at 0637 this morning (15/11/14) in Hosp Seremban.
Innalillahi wa inna ilaihirrojiun.

Let us all make prayer for her and family.
May Allah grant us all JANNAH, as the last place to gather and live, forever. She is already known to be someone great and wonderful in our eyes. Hope all that happened give remarkable impacts to us in becoming a better muslim, mukmin and mukhlis as I believe, she would be tremendously happy to know that whatever she has been doing and her good akhlaq all this while, has benefit us all.
Semoga tenang di sana, Mira. Semoga ini menjadi kerehatan yang abadi buatmu..

Jazakillahukhair Amirah.
Allahuakbar. Let's together sedeqah for her al-Fatihah. A second year Mass Comm student in IIUM. She was diagnosed with SLE last year, and after struggling for about 2 months in ICU, today she finally return back to Allah SWT.Al-Fatihah.

Alhamdulillah, I was blessed to get the chance to meet her and be her friend. We knew each other in CFS, when we became classmates and groupmates, and during SMAC we supported together for HS!
I wouldn't consider myself her close friend, but I am proud to be one of her friend!

Few days ago when her condition is critical and me and my friends were talking about her, and all of us couldn't disagree to the fact that Amirah was a cheerful girl, very kind, very positive and very strong. I admit it myself. I never saw her without a smile on her face but once. The only time she wasn't smiling was when she was lying on the bed in ICU unconscious. Even so she seemed really strong. Tabah.

She was a really nice girl. A very strong girl. Very positive.

I was inspired when I read her post few months ago: On July 16.

"Monthly routine ; Put these pills into smaller packages and store them in respective containers.
I began this routine since January 2014, until now, and who knows until how many months (or probably years) to come. To ease pill intakes, to try to be systematic, to not miss taking any pills. Morning pills, evening pills, before meals, after meals. Been going back and forth every month from Seremban to KL to Ipoh to meet different doctors and experts just to retrieve these 'candies'. The amount of pills goes up and down - depending on my condition. On the average though I take around 15 pills a day.

They are now a part of me. I'm used to them, and am now used to needles and hospitals as well. New discovery for a 21 year old *claps*. Have been making a lot of new friends with the same illness, and also have recognized most of the nurses and patients in the hospital. Slowly tried to absorb the facts then, and still trying up until now. Step by step, go slow. There are a lot to take in, anyway. Life isn't like how it used to be. I have to give up a lot of things.
All praises are to The Almighty, for He knows best. I feel blessed to be tested with such condition at such a young age. I'm able to experience a lot of things and experiment my physical limitations as well. A lot of things need to be changed - no more this, no more that, more of this, more of that. Since it is a lifelong auto-immune disease, of course I need to be cautious and alert all the time. For a healthier me, a brighter future.
Countless thanks and appreciations to my King and Queen, Abah & Umi for the medication payments (hahaha) and neverending moral & spiritual support. Not to forget, they always try to fulfill my needs and wants, though some of them were absurd, ridiculous and bad for my health. Anything to make Amirah happy, ey? B) Also thanks to my beloved Siti Sisters & brother in law for mutual support and understanding. My family is definitely the best!  Now I just need to 'maintain' and stay 'healthy' AT LEAST until my sister's wedding, biiznillah.
Taking a break for one whole semester was the best decision for me. Lord knows how would I be able to cope with the illness without my family around, since I wasn't used to it and it was my first time hearing it - I'm a Journalism major, I don't do Science. After being away from classes for 8 (more or less) months, after getting to know more about the illness, I'm really looking forward to continue my studies in September and to see what my limits are, to challenge myself.
I'm okay, we're okay, all of us are okay. But there's always a better option. Let us strive our best in the remaining days in the month of Ramadhan. Fighting!"

Allahuakbar. Didn't know if I could be as strong as her. As redha as her. I truly miss her..
But in my doa I pray she would rest peacefully in the next world, and finally be granted Jannah. And I wish to see her again one day in the Hereafter.

I have lots of problems in life, to the point that I feel like giving up. Trials that comes along the way and sometimes I blame my surroundings, I blame others cause things don't go the way it's supposed to be. 
But seeing her so strong, I feel ashamed of myself. For not being able to be strong, and to stand up with my faith in me.

Thank you Amirah. For coming to my life. For being my source of motivation. May your kindness be spread, may your smile stay alive, and your soul remains in our heart.

To Allah we belong and to Him we return.


  1. Allahu (T T).. O Allah may Allah placed her within the righteous people..

  2. Shes such a brave gurl.
    never complained of anything since admitted in icu..
    shes the most favourite patient...even the HOD of icu really care about her.
    Each time i have to poke her to get some blood...she just nodded. Never say anything or make faces..
    it hurts me a lot to see her in pain..
    but shes a great patient, indeed.
    All of us in icu really admire her..

    Doc in charge