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Monday, April 27, 2015


People come and go. This is life. There are people who stay in your life, and there are people who will go. No matter how close you used to be with that person, how much things you both shared, probably one day you end up being strangers again. We never know the future, but these are the things to be considered.

Yes, the thing I’m scared of when I became close to someone is that one day I might end up being hurt. Really really hurt. But I told myself, it’s normal. Everyone experiences this. But not everyone can make the best memories of the meeting and the encounter. Do crazy things, explore, laugh, talk, hangout, sing out loud, spend time together. The best thing is being able to be the reason behind that person’s smile, to be able to make the person happy, to be able to care for that person.

Create the best memories while we can.

Cause one day even without the presence of each other, we can smile when we think of that one chapter in our life.

I’ll be hurt one day if you go, but one thing I’m sure, even if I’m shed with tears, my lips will be curving a smile. I never regretted meeting you.

You. Those who are part of my life; in the past, in the present and perhaps in the future.
Yes you.

There must be a reason why Allah made us cross path in life, at one point in life we met and knew each other. There must also be a reason why we separate, Allah knows best. Let’s just live our lives to the fullest J

Izzat Zaid 27/04/2015

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