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Friday, May 1, 2015

D.I.Y Diary/Planner


So here's the story. I've been constantly using a diary planner since the past 3 years. So usually I have my diary everyday in my bag, to write down what I need to do and what I need to remember, due date and random stuffs. Unfortunately I don't know how and where, I lost my diary two weeks ago. And it just doesn't feel right. I used the diary to keep myself organize. To plan my days, to know what I need to prioritize. So losing the diary kinda makes me feel disorganized.

I went back to the bookstore where I usually buy my diary, and yes, since it's April, they no longer sell a diary. Went to few other bookstores and nope, none of them sells diaries. Too bad. Too sad.

But if you can't buy it, you do it yourself!
Haha, I've been finding the right time to have the mood to be creative and one night, yes! Ideas kept coming in.. So I started my DIY Diary project.

Things you need.
A5 sized papers (I divide A4 into two, and tadaa got myself an A5 sized paper)
A printer
A piece of black paper
A piece of transparent paper (is it a paper?)
A silver pen

Done done.

So how to do it?

I downloaded the monthly and weekly planner online. You can just search for "printable 2015 planner" and search for free downloadable planner.

Then I save it to my computer.

And print them out!

January. February. March. April. May. June. July. August. September. October. November. December

Along with the weekly planner.

Then I take a piece of black paper, and divide them into two. One for the front cover, one for the back cover.

For the front cover, I do my random scribbling and doodling and you'll see the completed result later. :)

Then I put on a plastic cover on both sides and staple all of the papers together.

Then I put tape in the side.

And tadaaaa! My own DIY diary planner is completed. :)

I am happy. And it's colorful too!

Try it! You will have a lot of fun doing it and looking into the result.

Here's mine..

Happy trying everyone! Unleash your creativity!

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