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Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Hidden Beauty: Jerangkang Waterfall


Malaysia is a pretty small country, famous for its Twin Tower (KLCC) located at the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. But you know what, Malaysia is also the place for nature lover, like me! Stated along the equator line, there's two seasons in Malaysia - rainy and sunny - and this country is surrounded with green and cool tropical forest. So for nature lover like me, I feel blessed to grow up in this country. :)

So right now I would like to bring you to one place in Malaysia - Jerangkang waterfall. Let me share you my experience there. It was awesome!! Awesome place, awesome people, awesome journey and awesome experience! Trust me, you won't regret going here, I didn't!

To begin with, actually I never heard of Jerangkang Waterfall until one day my junior posted on her Facebook stating that she will be going on a hiking trip. Coincidentally, at that particular time, I felt so stressed with university life and I wanted to take a break from my study. The date was set, during my revision week, one week before final exam. Okay who cares if final exam is coming soon, I'm stressed and I need a getaway! So I approached my junior and asked her if I can join the trip. After discussing with the team, they allowed me to join. Yayyy! I am the happiest girl aliveeeeeee!

Truth is, I know no one from the trip - except for my junior whom I spoke twice before. Haha. I can't believe how spontaneous and brave I am - 'redah je' just because I wanted to see the green trees, and camp in the woods.

So ready to go on an adventure? Let's go!

There were about 20 of us joining the trip. We gathered at IIUM Gombak around 10 and finally departed around 12.30 am after deciding how many cars will be used and who will ride which car. (Car pooling to save money on petrol and toll) I was in my junior's car along with two other new friends. Didn't really get the time to know them because I slept throughout the journey. We departed to Kuantan, which is around 4 hours from Gombak. We stopped at RnR Temerloh to have some snacks, but I stayed in the car and continued sleeping. Haha hey sleep is important okay? I need my energy to hike.

We arrived at Masjid Kg. Gelugor just before Subuh, around 5 o'clock. So we prayed Subuh at the mosque and took our breakfast there. That's when I started talking with the rest, asking their names and breaking the ice. They were cool and friendly - which made me feel comfortable having the conversation. I know most of them already knew each other, but the way they treat me doesn't make me feel like an outcast.

Around 8 or 9 am we started our trip to Jerangkang. We rode on a 4x4 wheel drive roller-coaster  for about 45 minutes before reaching the starting point for the hike.

Actually we were hiking alongside the river, and a lot of people camped at the bottom part of the water. Still beautiful and tempting. But we decided to camp at the peak of the waterfall. Which took us 2 hours of hiking. For those who never hiked, probably they would suffer a bit, because the track was quite challenging - even for me.

But after two hours of going through all those tiredness - tadaaaaaaaaaa!

All the tiredness were gone when we saw this! So beautiful!
We cooked our lunch, set up our camps, went for a swim for 2-3 hours until our hands shrinked and started BBQ-ing for our dinner. Everyone gathered around the kitchen area and cooked together, which is actually nice. We ate together and then started playing games.

I experienced playing 2 games that night.

Panda and Highland Tower. Games that actually break the ice for everyone and we actually became closer after that game. We had so much laughter, we acted crazy, we had pranks on others - they made me feel very much welcomed and I can actually myself - the cheeky and crazy part of me - which I don't show to just anybody, especially strangers. But I felt very natural around them. Hehe. :)

We went to sleep quite early however, because it rained that night. End of day 1.

The next day I woke up early and joined the rest in the kitchen area, cooking breakfast. That's when I get to know more people, some I didn't really spoke with yesterday.

We played another 3 games while cooking.

How many mosquitoes killed - Itu Apa? - Ini Berapa?

Haha games that would make your brain feel like exploding. My brain almost explode trying to find the correct answer. Well, you have to join a trip with us to know what's the game! Hehe seriously fun and annoying -.- but I like it..

Then after having breakfast we head to a pool 10 minutes walk from our campsite. It's called the infinity pool! Why? Just look at the picture and you'll get it. Hehe

THIS IS WHY!! Okay why? I don't know haha

Let's conquer the world! Haha my adrenaline's rushing when I took this picture XD

Farid the daredevil.

I can't imagine lying down at the end side of the log like that >,<

Only few of us went there. Most of them stayed at the camp. And I am the only girl who went there -.-

I thought others are coming too! But none. Haha so I'm left with 8 guys -.-

Haha. Me doing 'tiruk'. Takim dived so nicely, but me...... hmm

I don't really mind cause going there was worth it. The scenery was superb, beautiful, amazing, astounding!! The pool was also deep, so I had fun swimming there. :)

After having enough fun, we head back to the camp, had our lunch, packed our stuffs and climbed down. Then by using a 4x4 we head out of the jungle and go to the mosque again where we parked our car. We had our shower there, prayed and head back to Gombak. That's all thank you.

Haha. It was a short trip but worth every second.

Every second without handphones and whatsapp and internet. We spoke to each other.
Every second without having to worry about assignments, studies and works. We had fun swimming like there is no tomorrow.
Every second without any judgement (at least that's how I felt). We became cool friends. :)
Every second looking into green trees and swimming in natural fountain. We felt peaceful.
Every second just being ourselves. We became crazy and yeah - ourselves!
Every second contemplating on life (I tend to do this when I am surrounded by nature). I counted my blessings and I feel blessed.

Every second there is amazing. Every second is worth spent. Every second is gift.

Thank you everyone, for giving me the opportunity to join the trip, and to get to know all of you.

Fahima - Shina - Paiji - Pija - Ika - Qila - Leha
Am - Farouq - Hafiz Poji - Hafiz Azalan - Nik - Shahfiq 
Takim - Pulah - Mudin - Rahman - Farid

Here's a video - highlighting the trip!


For those who'd like to go for trips like this, I do suggest going to Jerangkang Waterfall. Even for beginners, it's not that hard - only 2 hours of trekking. So don't think about it, just go! Hehe

The Hidden Beauty - Jerangkang Waterfall!

I'll see you in my next trip. Till then, da daaaaaaaa~


  1. Can i get the guider number? Or blog?

  2. Assalamualikum sis .. I'm ismail I'm also from iium haha I was searching about best places in malaysia for camping on internet and somehow i found ur blog �� after reading what u shared here I become so excited and wanna try this adventure so I have so many things to ask u but I don't know how to reach u .. this is my whatssap +60164947207 or FB Ismail Fatani
    Thanks in advance