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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Things to do in Krabi (4 days 3 nights)

Went to Krabi with 8 friends last March. It was really awesome. We did some research to see how much money we should prepare, but Alhamdulillah everything was much cheaper than we expected and we enjoyed every moment we spent there!

I have two hypotheses for this:
1. We are in a large group, it's easier to haggle.
2. We went during low season + weekdays. Double combo for us!

Anyway, here's our itinerary for the whole 4 days. Click on the title to see the details of our activities.

Return ticket AirAsia Kuala Lumpur - Krabi - Kuala Lumpur: RM205
Van to Krabi Town: THB 600/van, 67/person.
Guesthouse: 3 people fan room THB 450 (150/person/night)
                     3 nights = THB 450
Bike Rental: Rented at P.N. Guesthouse: 200 Baht/bike/day
                     We rented 5 bike for the price of 900 Baht. (each person pays THB 100)
                     Fuel: THB 40 per bike
Dinner: Pad Thai, Tomyam, Nasi Goreng Thai, Green Tea, Chocolate drink = THB 300
             I shared food with 2 friends so per person pays THB 100.
Shopping: I didn't buy anything. :D

Day 2 in Krabi: Hiking, swimming

Breakfast: We brought canned Tuna and Maggi from Malaysia. So my friends bought extra bread to eat with. Drinks: Milo and Nescafe 3 in 1.
Emerald Pool: Entrance Fee THB 200
Lunch: We bought food at the stalls near emerald pool + 100 THB
Massage: THB 250

Day 3 in Krabi: Kayaking, Island hopping

7 Island Tours: THB 550
National Park Entrance Fee: THB 200 (I wish I didn't pay for this)

Day 4 in Krabi: Kayaking, Island hopping

Van to Airport: THB 500/van, 56/person

Overall total (including food jajan) was around RM280 + RM205 = RM485 (Grand Total)

Here's also our Krabi trip video. Enjoy!

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