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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Day 1 in Krabi: Checking in, exploring, shopping

Never thought I would be in Krabi, but here I am!
There were 9 of us, 3 girls and 6 boys.

Sarah - Ariena - Izzat - Zack - Amir - Amirul - Amin - Ikhwan - Hafiz

At 6 a.m. I woke up and prepared to head to KLIA2 as I promised to meet the rest at 10 o'clock. Our flight was at 1.30 p.m. Out of the 8 people, I only knew 4 of them. The other 4 are my friend's friends. So we thought to come early and take time to know each other before we head to Krabi. We took our lunch at KLIA2 before take-off and all of us managed to get along well. Everyone was really friendly and funny (thumbs up Jat! You chose the right travelmates), so it doesn't take long before I started teasing people and make jokes. :D

The flight was about 1 hour 30 minutes. When we arrived, we decided to rent a van to go to our Guesthouse located at Krabi Town. Going to Krabi Town is way cheaper than going to Ao Nang. Ao Nang is a bit far. A van cost 600 baht one way to Krabi Town, there were 9 of us so we only have to pay 67 baht per person. The van was very spacious, I think it can fit up to 12-14 people. If you go in a larger group for sure you'll pay cheaper. 30 minutes ride from the airport and we arrived at the Guesthouse. Our room costs us 450 baht/night. It's a 3 person bedroom with fan. Cool enough for me as I only need the room to sleep.

We decided to rent a bike as well, and we rented 5 scooters for the price of 1000 baht, but I asked for discount and the uncle at the Guesthouse reception gave us 900 baht. I love my negotiation skill :D
Since we already ate at KLIA2, we skipped our meal for the evening. It was late at that time, around 5 p.m. After praying jama' takhir, we went immediately to Ao Nang beach to book our package. We read from blogs that booking directly there is much cheaper. Indeed. 

Ao Nang was located quite far from the Krabi Town. It took us around 30 minutes to get there. It wasn't hard, the road in Krabi is quite straightforward. Even the sign boards are clear. So we basically googled first and then just follow the sign board when we are already on the road. Easy.
The road in Ao Nang is really long. There are souvenir shops, restaurants and travel, tour agencies along the street. We spent 3 hours there and it's still not enough to cover all. 

Negotiation process.
Anddddd we did it!
Anyway, coming back to our main purpose, we asked about 7-8 tour agencies and one of them offered us the best possible price - 550/person for 7 Island Tour. There's a lot of tours but before we came we have decided to go for this tour. It sounded great. The tour includes:

-pick up transfer from our guesthouse to Ao Nang
-sending back to guesthouse
-going to 7 islands (I can't remember all names), 
-free BBQ dinner, 
-sunset at one of the island, 
-a fire show
- swimming with the plankton. 

Sounds awesome to me! It started around 1 p.m. and is expected to finish by 8.30 p.m. Yup! Awesome! Spending on whole day on the boat. I wouldn't mind that at all. So we got one day packed with activities. We added another activity - kayaking for 300 baht. 3 hours of kayaking. Not bad. Starts at 8, ends at 12. Perfect. Our 3rd day in Krabi is fully packed.

We went to have our dinner at a junction before heading to Ao Nang beach. The restaurants at Ao Nang beach are quite expensive and they sell western food. I don't know why.... I want Thai fooooooooooooooooooooodddd.. and I got it. Me and two of my girl friends ordered Prawn Tom Yam, Pad Thai and Nasi Goreng Thai. Perfect! The Tom Yam was the highlight. So deliciousssssss.. Umphh, never tasted that kind of Tom Yam in Malaysia. 

Finished our meal, and we went around Krabi Town to kill our time. By 10 o'clock we head back, had a short meeting on what to do tomorrow and went to bed.

Good night.


#1: At the airport there are counters offering you Island packages. Lots of them! I suggest you to pass. The counters in Ao Nang offers you the same packages with a lot more cheaper value. 

#2: Take the number of the van driver, you can use it later when you want a ride to the airport again, and you can ask for a cheaper price.

#3: Usually when you ask for discounts, they'll ask what's your price. Ask them back the lowest they can offer and then go for a lower price. What I did was to ask them how much discount they can give.  The price written on the board was 800. The kakak gave me 600 per person then I asked if I could get 550 per person if I book for 9 people. She agreed. Yay!!

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