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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Day 2 in Krabi: Hiking, swimming

Day 2,

We woke up early in the morning around 6, got ready and had our breakfast. We had some bread and tuna, and shared 5 packets of mi goreng sedap. I haven't eaten instant noodles for quite some while, but this time, I had to! Haha. I'm on a student budget. :D

So what's today's plan? Visiting Tiger Cave Temple and going to Emerald Pool. We didn't know the distance was quite (read: really) far before we searched on the internet the night before. So today we're mentally ready to go there riding our scooter. First, the tiger cave temple. It took us around 20 minutes to reach our destination. 

Upon reaching we walked around and started climbing. At first I thought it was just a normal hike, turns out we had to climb a total of 1237 stairs. Plus the 39 degree celcius of heat, I almost ran out of breath halfway, but I wanted to reach the top as soon as possible hoping to find some shades, so I made my way through all the stairs non-stop and wohooo I reached the top! The feeling was so satisfying! I felt like I am the greatest person alive! Hahaha

Finally reached 999 stairs!

Anyway, the temple provides natural water for people to drink and to refill their bottles. So we had plenty of water to recover our water loss. It is important to drink lots of water to avoid getting heat stroke. This was the time when equinox was expected to happen. We had plenty of time up there, enjoying the awesome view and taking photos. I simple love the view from the top, so peaceful looking at the green trees.

It took me 15 minutes to climb down, and I couldn't stop since my legs were shaking at that moment. When I reached down all I could do was to continue walking, I wasn't able to stand up straight. Haha there's a lot more to see at the temple but we were running out of time since we plan to arrive at Emerald pool by 1 o'clock. It was almost 12 at that time. So we straight away head to Emerald Pool after doing some stretching and cooling down.

The journey to Emerald Pool was even further. 1 hour riding the scooter in the heat was even challenging. I got so sleepy along the journey although I was the one handling the scooter. Luckily Ariena noticed and started massaging my back. Better. :D

After 1 hour unintentionally tanning ourselves under the hot sun, we finally reached our destination. We took our lunch at the stalls before the entrance. If you're looking for halal food, no worries, there are plenty of Muslims selling halal food there, some can even speak Kelantanese Malay. So you can just grab food to fill your tummy. I recommend you to try the Nasi pulut ayam. Mmmmm the taste was marvelous! And it costed only 20 Baht. Cheap enough.

A full tummy is a happy tummy. We then prepared ourselves to dip into the famous Emerald pool. Entrance ticket costs us 200 Baht. Quite expensive but worth it. To get to the Emerald pool, we have to walk another 1.4 km to get there. The walk was leisure and we talk and sing some songs while walking. It was a very enjoyable moment. Doing something together is one way to not get stressed having to walk such distance after a tiring hike in the morning. Haha

We didn't realize time was passing so fast, the blue pool suddenly appeared in our sight. I got really excited to go and splash! There were a lot of people swimming as well, but there was enough space for us to actually play Frisbee inside the pool. The water wasn't as clear as the one I saw on the internet, but beautiful enough in my eyes. :D

After enjoying our dip, we walked to the blue pool. The blue pool was located few hundred meters ahead from the Emerald pool. Take note that the entrance to the blue pool closes at 3, so be sure to head there before it closes. Emerald pool closes later than that.

By 4 p.m. we head back to our guesthouse because we need to return our scooter by 5. If not, we have to pay extra. Alhamdulillah we managed to arrive on time and happily return the keys.

We took some time to rest before heading out to go for a massage. Oh before that, dinner? Instant noodles again. Haha everyone brought one whole packet, so we have plenty more, and we're already short of money. Good news is that we already paid for everything for tomorrow.
Thai Traditional massage costed 250 Baht. If you do it at Ao Nang beach, it's 200 Baht. Probably due to the location and competition, Ao Nang beach offers a cheaper price. 50 Baht difference is still acceptable for me. Plus it's actually convenience to me to go to the ones in Krabi Town since it's just a walking distance from the guesthouse.

Anyway, I enjoyed so much the session together with Ariena and Sarah. It was calm and I fell asleep while massaged. Haha the kakak was also lovely. When they tried to massage my back and I hear some bones cracking, I screamed 'Mai ao, mai ao' (I don't want) and the kakak laughed so much. Wrong accent maybe. But I had a wonderful time and before leaving they served us with ginger tea.

We went back and sleep happily. Can't wait for tomorrow!

#1 : Put your food in your bags all the time at the Tiger Temple, there are a lot of monkeys staring waiting for people to bring food. You can buy bananas at the temple and feed the monkeys.