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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Day 3 in Krabi: Kayaking, Island hopping

The day we all have been waiting for has finally arrived!
I don't know what to expect today but I am super excited.
We have to wake up since we booked our tour and the van will pick us up at 8.30 p.m. in the morning. The driver actually arrived early which is cool. We were all having our breakfast at the time the van arrived. So we finished everything and began our journey. Our first destination is Ao Thalane kayaking. The place was quite far. It took us almost 1 hour to reach there. I slept in the van. So as soon as I woke up we were already there :D

The guide's name was Mubin. We callled him Mr. Bean. Haha he was funny and very friendly. I really love the hospitality provided by this tour. First, they picked us up on time. Second, they offer us as  much as lockers as we need to put our stuffs. Third, they even gave us a dry bag to put the things we'd like to bring. Fourth, they gave us free water bottles (one of the staff kayak-ed together and brought the water for us). Fifth, they carefully handled us when we went on the kayak. Amazing hospitality! We felt so special. :)

The kayaking went on for about 3 hours. We kayaked through the lake (or sea) and through the mangrove swamp. It was really challenging as we have to control the kayak well to avoid hitting the trees (which I did a lot of times) haha. But the challenge is what makes the journey fun. We got to tease our friends and we sang songs to fill the silence. We played trick on each other (my friend held on to my kayak to get a free ride. Grr) and did a lot of things together. Having 9 people in the group is a lot of fun. :D

Thia place made me feel like we're on the journey to the centre of the earth. Hehe
At the end of the session, again we were treated nicely. We were given coffee and some fruits to eat after the tiring kayak, and chilled indoor while chit chatting with one another. Later before we head to Ao Nang beach, we bought lunch at a stall nearby the place. I bought my lunch a Thai food that is super delicious for only 30 Baht. I don't remember the name, but it tasted like laksa johor mixed with laksam. Haha. Anyway, we had a good time in the morning. Everyone was happy!

About 30 minutes journey and we arrived at Ao Nang. It was 1 o'clock. We ate our lunch together and not long after that, we head to the boat and our 7 Island tour began! To cut short, I'd put more pictures and less explanation for the tour.

We had good time snorkeling, twice!

We went to the National Park which we saw lots of sea cucumber and had some rest there.

We saw the sunset on an Island. (and played frisbee)

We had a BBQ dinner at Railay Island. The food was awesome!

We were entertained by a fire show.

We got the chance to swim at night with the sea plankton which is cool! (and scary at the same time because it was dark)
All these were included in the package.

Again, we received a really good hospitality on the boat. We were given the freedom to choose where to seat (and we sat on the top deck of the boat). We were given the freedom to wear the life jacket and snorkel. So I chose not to, so that I can dive freely. Hehe. We were given cold watermelons as well to eat after the snorkeling session which was refreshing and also given some cold water to drink after visiting 4-5 island. It was off-season at that time so not many people were around. We had plenty of space on the boat, and the beach was really calming and soothing.

What's even better is all of us played games on the boat, and sang some song while watching the stars at night on the boat. My friend's internet data worked in the middle of the sea. So we searched for songs on Youtube and karaoke-d along.

So overall, the tour was awesome as well!

It ended around 9.30 p.m. and we then head back to our guesthouse. Actually there was one part I didn't like. After we got off the boat, we went to the counter of our boat to ask for transfer. Yes they promise us return transfer. But to our surprise the person in charge said we should tell the boat to provide for us. Eerr okayy.. Then he gave us another option, he said "you can take the public bus for only 60 Baht per person. Cheap". I told him that he promised us the transfer and we paid for the package. Why would I add extra unnecessary 60 Baht? Plus we don't even know how the public bus works there. We had a bit of argument and they kept on saying they couldn't do anything and just shrugged their shoulder. I stood in front of him, firm, and asked few of my guy friends to join. We felt somehow cheated at that time. Finally, the guy called his friend and asked to provide us with a transportation back to our hotel.

So we got a mini truck sending us back. Again, the driver refused to send us back to the guesthouse, he stopped in the middle of Krabi town. He said he doesn't know where the guesthouse is. Luckily one of us remembered some landmarks and asked the driver to send us there, about 500 meters away we were dropped and Alhamdulillah we just have to walk around 10 minutes before reaching our guesthouse. Since there were many boys, I felt secure walking on the silent street of Krabi town. Anyway, be brave to fight for your right. I actually asked the lady who gave us the receipt to write all the things included in the tour. So she wrote everything. And that receipt was used as a proof that they should provide us transportation as well. Hehe good thing yeah.

Anyway, put that aside, we safely arrived at our guesthouse. We took our showers, prayed and later around 11 my friend asked if anyone would like to hangout outside. Last night was not meant for sleep right? Haha. All of us joined! We bought some snacks at 7-eleven and hangout in front of an art center. We played some games and had some conversations and not long after that, everyone went back and sleep. Haha too tired to stay up.

Day 4 in Krabi: Heading back.

At 6 a.m., our pickup transfer arrived and we head to the airport and returned home. Thank you everyone for the wonderful memories! THE END.

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