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Monday, May 2, 2016

IIUM Student Exchange Program: Part 2

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Now that you’ve confirmed which university you’d like to go. Let’s go through the official procedures with IIUM. I will let you know based on my experience applying for the SEP.

When I have decided to go to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University, I immediately downloaded the student outbound form and filled it up. I knew already which subjects I will be taking after looking through the FSMVU website and also receiving the list of courses offered during the fall semester from FSMVU’s coordinator, my lovely Mrs. Vusala. (I love her so much!)

You need to be sure of the subjects you will be taking because you need to fill them up in the student outbound form. I went to my academic advisor and ask her opinion whether I could take the subjects or no, also asking for some advice. Once approved informally, I went to fill in the form that I have downloaded and printed.

This is the requirement of the form.

1. Submit letter of approval from intended university.
I believe you need to apply first to the university and get approval from them. Only then you applied to IIUM. In my case, it’s a bit special. FSMVU requires a formal letter from my university before they could process my application. So I submitted my form first without letter of approval from FSMVU and when the application is accepted, the ICEO office, on behalf of me, sends the completed form to FSMVU. Then only FSMVU gave me an approval letter. So again, it depends on the university you are going. You need to gather a lot of information and be sure about the process. 
Important tips: Don’t expect people to do the work for you, you need to find out things yourself. A lot of asking around is required.

2. Valid International Passport.
Alhamdulillah my passport is still valid, so I don’t need to make a new one. But you need to have this to apply.

3. Latest academic transcript/qualification
You can get your partial academic transcript from the DDSA office. For HS students, it’s located at level 3 of the human sciences building.

4. Proof of sponsorship.
If you are a sponsored student, you need to attach a letter proving that you are one. They will also ask how you would sponsor the program.

5. Three passport size photos.

When everything is ready, submit the form to the DDAA office and get approval from the deputy dean, then you need to go to the dean’s office and get the approval from the dean as well. Remember that the completed form must be submitted to ICEO at least six weeks before going for the exchange program. So start early. I started my application in February 2015 and finally got my form submitted on early April.

So the ICEO office received my form and emailed them to FSMVU, and later in at the end of June I received an email with a Learning Agreement Form from FSMVU to be filled and be approved by the head of department. I need to fill the subjects that I will be taking at FSMVU so that they can process my subject registration later when I went for the program. Alhamdulillah I managed to do that as well.

Throughout the process, I had to go back and forth to IIUM to settle a lot of things. Because I had to go through the office for formal procedures, I have to wait a long time before getting a reply, to get the signature from the department as well as from the director of ICEO. It took a lot of effort and time. I couldn’t expect everything to go my own way since I am dealing with people as well. Plus, the ICEO office is not entertaining me alone. There are a lot of students that they have to entertain and process documents. Once I waited about a week to have my reply from FSMVU after submitting the learning agreement. Usually I receive a fast reply. I wonder what took so long, and when I went to the office to make a follow up, turns out they haven’t emailed it yet. They thought it was already emailed. It got me so frustrated but I do understand their situation. I'm not the only one applying. They have a lot of work to do as well so it’s my responsibility to update my status. I am happy actually with everyone. Eventhough I had to go to the office a lot of times, I received a warm welcome every time. Thank you kak Hisan, abang Shariff, kak Syarinar, kak Kinah for the smiles.

By the end of July I received an email from FSMVU saying that my application was accepted and I was given an offer letter. Alhamdulillah. Finally I am officially accepted. I submitted the form to ICEO office to confirm, changed my status to 'exchange student' and I am ready to go!

So I started my application in February, and finally settled by early August. About 6 months. Whew!!
Trust me, the process might sound a bit tedious but all the hard work pays off. I learn so much from my SEP and they are priceless. Here is a preview of the awesome memories I made :D 

The amazing travertine in Pamukkale,

Got to see lots and lots of Hot Air Balloons. weeee!

My first experience skiing and it was awesome!!

Red lights in Istanbul <3 td="">

If you have questions or would like to ask for any tips, leave it on the comment box below or feel free to email me at izzatzaid1015@gmail.com


  1. nice sharing sister! i wish i can go there ;)

    1. Soon enough. InsyaAllah :) we both will..

  2. thank you sister for sharing.. im 1st year and 1st sem student this year, so i plan to study in japan next year (exchange).. so please pray for me sis๐Ÿ˜ป

    1. Hi, did you really managed to go to Japan? Can you share some tips with me? Thank you!

  3. Salam, nak tanya. Accommodation kat sana macam mana ya? Kena usaha cari rumah sewa sendiri ke mcm mana? Lagi satu, kenapa saya check Partner uni IIUM takde pun di south korea ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜Œ Thank you in advance ๐Ÿ˜Š